Hey y’all! My name is Sarah. I am a 20-something year old graduate from NC State. I have been the Owner of The S.E.E. Boutique since March 2014. I am currently residing in Midlothian, Virginia(which is right outside of Richmond). Here are some frequently asked questions:

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Midlothian, Va. When it was time to choose a college, I decided to attend an out of state college. NC State was probably the best four years of my life. So I consider Raleigh, NC my second home (my sis and her family live there as does my best friend!)

Why Did I Open My Store?

As a kid I have always been interested in fashion. My Nana even nicknamed me COCO(aka Coco Chanel) when I was only four because I would go through the racks at the department store saying “like it , hate it or love it”! What can I say fashion runs deep for me! Picking a major was a tad harder than I anticipated…. my parents wanted me to major in something where a job was easy to find. And lets be honest the fashion industry is not the easiest to find a job. So Textile Technology it was and to be honest it has helped quite a bit with owning a store. Right before I was to graduate, I had an idea to open a boutique in my hometown. A year late and The S.E.E. Boutique was born.

What does S.E.E. stand for?

SEE is my initials plus it comes in handy for some clever sayings.

Why Did You Start a Blog?

Well for some time I have wanted to start a blog as a way for people to get an insight into owning a boutique. Also this is a way for my customers to get an all access pass to my insight. They have been asking me for this for a long time, for an easy way to see how I would style a certain item without coming into the store and asking. Plus I do love shopping (really I even find grocery shopping exhilerating).