Hey y’all!

Sorry it has been a while. Life kinda of throws you curve balls when you least expect it! Anywho, the picture above is what I am currently crushing on right now. Some might be splurges and some are just so darn cute that you cannot resist!

So the top row is all purses that are currently available online at Nordstroms.

  1. Cheetah Print Clutch ($45)- I have been searching everywhere for this! I love pops of animal prints for outfits. They always make a subtle outfit suddenly fun and chic!
  2. Snakeskin Convertible Shoulder Bag (Now $299, Was $598)- Now I am not always a fan of Tory Burch Bags, simply because I think they are a tad too pricey for what they are. But this is too good to pass up!
  3. Mini Ark Handbag ($128)- This bag is trending everywhere right now and I hate to be a follower but this bag is too fun to pass on. Now most of you probably think this is a silly bag but with the right outfit this is sure to make a statement.
  4. Shine Rafia Circular Tote ($79)- Who doesn’t want to carry the sun around all the time. This bag is probably my favorite Rafia bag I have seen.

Now on to all the SHOES I have been crushing on or currently about to purchase.

  1. Shae Wedge Sandal ($69.99)- Wedges are by far my go to heel. This one is any easy transition into Summer as well as Fall.
  2. Eddie Sandal ($89.99)- I already own these shoes. Unfortunately for me, I paid full price for these babies. They are so versatile and easy to wear all year.
  3. Janice Espadrille Wedge ($89.99)- Also comes in black. I honestly do not wear a lot of black color shoes. So I personally want them in tan.
  4.  Heyo Wedge Sandal ($59.99)- I own the more expensive pair of these shoes. These are just too affordable to pass on.
  5. Joani Wedge Sandal ($69.99)- These are by far one of my favorites right now. They are currently sitting in my shopping cart. An all white outfit or an all black outfit and you will look so chic!
  6. Malden Sandal ($59.99)- Who doesn’t love a good bow on a shoe! I am also loving this shoe in the pink color.

Now these sunglasses are all the same brand. Krewe is currently a brand I have been crushing on because no two are the same!

  1. STL II Two-Tone Round Acetate Sunglasses ($355)- Handcrafted custom acetate frames in collaboration with Mazzucchelli 1849.24-karat, gold-plated hardware.Round gradient lenses. 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  2. Simone Gradient Square Sunglasses ($255)- Handcrafted, 24-karat gold-plated metal frames with acetate trim.Gradient lenses.Tapered arms with capped ear pieces. 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  3. STLII Round Sunglasses w/ Nylon Overlay Lens ($375)- Krewe “STL II” round sunglasses in acetate with 24-karat, gold-plated metal accents.Overlay mirrored nylon lenses. 100% UVA/UVB protection.

St. Tropez Self Tanners are my Favorite thing I have recently added to my beauty routine. The ones pictured are items I have used.

  1. Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion ($30)- This one is the easiest to apply without any streaks.
  2. Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil ($35)- I love this because one it does not leave streaks on my face and two it hydrates my skin.
  3. Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil ($40)- This is probably my favorite of all of them, but it does get quite messy and you have to be careful with applying it. The reason I love this product is because it lasts the longest and you barely use any of it.
  4. Self Tan Express Advanced Mousse ($44)- This one is for when I have not kept up with the gradual tanner and need a tan asap! You need the mitt only with this one to apply it.

Sorry this post is a tad long but I thought yall would enjoy an in depth look at my current crushes and staples.


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