New Year ….New Me?

Are you like me where you ask yourself when the new year approaches what you need to change in your life? Almost like you are needing to reinvent yourself. Well I have decided this year not to have resolutions but instead hold myself accountable for things I should already being doing. Like this blog for example. I have been putting this off since 2015. Yes, 2015. Why? Well life got in the way and so did my self consciousness.

For those of you who do not know me personally, in 2015 I had gotten quite sick off medication prescribed to me by a doctor. Without knowing, I had an adverse reaction and began having some crazy side affects. And I do mean crazy. I finally got answers but I was told not to workout for a while because of my tendons and joint pain. Well guess what, I gained quite a bit of weight and on a 5’4 frame my insecurities came flooding in. Who wants to see a girl who is overweight in fashionable clothing? Why would I expose myself in a way where I could be judge? Nope, not for me.

So I held off and told everyone who shopped with me that had a passion for fashion to create a blog. And I kept constantly being asked, “So why don’t you blog?” Well my response made me seem quite ridiculous. Most of customers told me, I would relate more to  women  because I have been thin and now a tad more curvy. Well Shoot! Didn’t have a retort for that.

But to be honest, before I had the weight gain, I would never have been able to relate to the popular bloggers. From their size to their fashion sense. ( I am in no way bashing other bloggers.) My style transitions from whatever mood I am in that day. Also I am a curvy size 6 (hopefully I will see that size in feb!) when I’m at my healthiest. Most bloggers I see are quite naturally thin, so what looks great on them would probably not work for me.

Sorry for the long rant but I wanted y’all to see 2018 Sarah will be different from 2017 Sarah. I am holding myself accountable in life with fitness, health, work and this blog. Just in October of 2017, I joined Orange Theory and haven’t looked back. I started at a size 10 and am a small size 8. (I will post progress pictures don’t worry!)

Do not make yourself tired and worn out by trying to obtain unreachable resolutions just hold yourself accountable for things you should already be implementing in life. Anywho! Life is a journey and there a sure to be bumps in the road! Here’s to a new year! Bring it 2018!


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