My Wish List After Christmas

For those of you who are wondering why I have an after Christmas Wish List…. well some items did not make it under the tree. Because I own a clothing boutique most of my Wish Lists will not include clothes (just a heads up!)

So the first item on the list is the Textured Off the Shoulder Sweater. This is perhaps one of my favorite sweaters that you can easily transition into almost every season unless you are hot nature.

Second item is the Julian Nylon Backpack. Well if you are not a camo fan then you might not like this backpack which is okay they have plenty of other prints available. The reason I chose this purse/backpack is because  nylon  is super durable and easy to clean. Another reason is due to the traveling I do for work, a backpack is the easiest thing to tote around market.

Third item is a bit of a stretch for my wallet personally but a girl can admire from afar right? The Glyn Wedge Sandal is the perfect wedge for any outfit from Spring to Fall. Yes, Fall. A pair of black distressed denim and a crisp white shirt and BAM Fall outfit!

The Fourth and Fifth items go quite well together, the Somerset 65mm Aviator Sunglasses(blk/pink) & Caliente 52mm Cat Eye Sunglasses are definitely on this list for a reason. Over the years, I have dropped quite a bit on designer sunglasses, but now that more accessible price-point brands are making quality glasses its becoming harder to pay the higher price-points.

The Sixth and Seventh Items are items are already own but want it a different style. The Randall Platform Wedge is a variation of a wedge I purchased last year and fell in love with. Seriously, it is the comfiest wedge I have ever worn. The Nike Air Max 90 LX Sneaker is well velvet….. need I say more. I mean it is probably my favorite sneaker I have seen that I would actually be able to wear more than once.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Wish List! If you want another one on a different topic let me know!


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